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Yardley Dental Care in Yardley, PA, is a modern, COVID Clean dentistry practice near Philadelphia. Dr. Kenwood is a skilled, proficient Pennsylvania Family Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist. Our PA dentist office caters to families and individuals, offering most dentistry procedures. Contact Us now to schedule an appointment...

"Your Dentist, Jared Kenwood, in Yardley Pennsylvania is genuinely a caring and professional. I have developed Oral Health Care Presentations and Events designed to inform and engage current and prospective patients and strategic partners with the latest in technology, oral health, and cosmetic options.

We enjoy meeting Pennsylvania area people; It's at the core of our practice. Yardley PA Dental Care loves to work in partnerships with human resource departments for mid sized businesses, corporations, government agencies and large organizations primarily in the Yardley PA area. Our programs help companies and their employees better understand oral health care options, dental health and how it impacts their overall health, appearance, and performance. We know these programs make a difference.

Moving forward we're developing some events we're certain will be of value to all."