Dental Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting/Bone Grafts at Yardley Dental Care, Yardley Pennsylvania

Bone grafting or Bone grafts is a method dentists use to build up the jawbone to accommodate a dental implant or other dental restorative device. Bone grafting is a procedure often used at Yardley Dental Care when a dental implant is needed yet the bone structure is lacking, it is also occasionally utilized for other periodontal procedures. On occasion a bone graft is not possible using the patient’s own bone, in these cases, we turn to a bone bank, a very safe alternative source for bone material.

In a case where a dental patient is missing one or more teeth, the cosmetic outcome of using a dental implant is the best course of action. As mentioned on our dental implant page Dental implants have the appearance of and functionality of a natural tooth. Our dentist at Yardley Dental Care, PA will make a determination, informing you before proceeding with your dental implant, as to the possible need for a bone graft to support your potential dental implants.

Dental implants are composed of two distinct and separate parts. The first part is a metal cylinder that is surgically placed into the jaw bone, replacing the missing tooth and functions similar to a root of the tooth. Once in place in the jaw, an abutment screws into the metal cylinder. A crown (also called Cap) then adheres to the abutment; the final result is natural looking and feeling, with the appearance of a natural tooth.