Non Surgical Gum Treatment

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment and Periodontal Treatment at Yardley PA Dental Care

Dental care and dentist visits mean evaluating and look at more than just your teeth. When ay our Yardley Pennsylvania dental practice, we will do a complete evaluation of your gums, ligaments, and bone around the teeth form the foundation for your teeth. The preceding structures and care of are referred to as the periodontium When a dental patient’s periodontium is not healthy, one’s teeth are potentially jeopardized. The reason your teeth and mouth may be in peril is the fact that the teeth, just as a bad foundation and be a threat to the stability of your home. While visiting our dental practice offers in Yardley, we will examine your mouth for signs of the unhealthy periodontium, gum disease.

Any of the following signs may mean there is a periodontal issue. Evidence of periodontal gum problems consist of the following:

  1. Gums that are red and bleed easily, this can arise from as simple as brushing your teeth
  2. Persistent bad breath/halitosis
  3. Gums that are pulled away from a tooth or multiple teeth
  4. Changes in the position your bite of the teeth

With the proper periodontal dental care, however, it can be possible to return your gums to a healthy state. Appropriate gum treatments by your PA dentist is imperative, come in if you’re having any issues for a complete exam by your Yardley Dentist.

Scaling & Root Planing by your local Yardley PA Dentist

Scaling and Root Planing performed by a qualified PA dentist such as Dr. Kenwood at Yardley Dental Care. Your examination is conducted by carefully cleaning the teeth at the root surfaces to remove build up of any plaque or tartar (calculus) that from deep periodontal pockets. Also, we will smooth the tooth/teeth roots; this allows for us to remove bacterial toxins that may have collected. As an adjunct or for peace of mind, Yardley Dental often follows up the scaling and root planing with an additional safety procedure such as local delivery antimicrobials, systemic antibiotics, and host modulation. Yardley along with the dental patient will decide the best course of action.
Dentists and periodontists specialists are in agreement, after scaling and root planing, patients, are in no need of any further treatment. There are occasions when a dentist’s patient may require additional ongoing maintenance to continue to have healthy gums.
You can be confident that Yardley PA Dental Care will be examining your periodontium when you come in for any dental appointment or professional cleening.For an immediate appointment at our Yardley PA dentist office just call us at 215 493-1616.