Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care in Pennsylvania, Provided by Top rated Dentist at Yardley Dental Care, Yardley, PA.

Dental emergencies can be scary, but there are things you can do to limit the damage and prevent extensive dental surgery to repair the injury. The most important point to remember, when dealing with a knocked out tooth or loosened crown, is to stay calm. Contact Dr. Jared Kenwood at Yardley Dental care (215 493-1616 as soon as possible. In the meantime, treat the area with cold compresses to keep swelling down. The following tips will help if facing a couple of common dental emergencies.
1. Temporary or Permanent Crown Came Off/Knocked Off
First, check to see if the post remains in the crown. You can try to put the crown back on the tooth if the implant is not still in the crown. Otherwise, bring the crown with you to your appointment.
2. Broken, Knocked Out, Fractured, or Displaced Tooth
Various traumas to the teeth require immediate attention, including fractured, knocked out, and displaced teeth. Although is can be scary, there are many things you can do to prevent further damage, before coming to our office, Yardley Dental Care, quick yet calm action will give you the best chance for a good outcome.
First, try to place the tooth back into its socket if it has been knocked out. Hold the tooth by its crown instead of the roots as you handle it. Doing so will give the tooth roots an ideal environment for later restoration. If you are unable to return the to the socket, keep it in a container of warm milk, saline, or the saliva of the person who lost the tooth until you get to the emergency room or dentist’s office.
Other than attempting to place a knocked out tooth, the mouth should be cleaned and rinsed of any blood or debris. A cold compress or cloth should be put in the area near the injury to prevent swelling.
A fractured tooth should be rinsed with warm water and treated for swelling with a cold compress and Ibuprofen if necessary. The dentist can sand the tooth or restore it if the fracture is minor and the pulp is not severely damaged.
If dealing with a child’s primary tooth that has been injured and loosened or an emerging permanent tooth, see if you can have the child to gently bite down on a piece of caramel or an apple. Performing this action will sometimes loosen the tooth enough to easily separate from the gum, offering some relief until you can get to the Yardley Dental Care.