Root Canal

Root canals at Yardley Dental Care, Yardley PA

Saying something is “Worse than a root canal” is a popular but unfair saying. Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year by performing a root canal or endodontic treatment. In reality, a root canal is a relatively simple in-office dental procedure to clean out damaged and diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain; it alleviates it. Yardley Dental Care understands that the pain from an infected tooth root can be considerable. A root canal procedure corrects that problem with a minimum of discomfort, allowing the tooth to heal and relieving the pain from the infected root.
Dr. Kenwood at Yardley Dental Care, uses the latest in dental techniques and technology to gently perform the root canal procedure with as little discomfort as possible. During the root canal procedure, Dr. Kenwood removes the infected nerve tissue inside of the tooth. This tissue, called pulp, is gently cleaned out of the deepest, most inner part of the tooth, called the root canal. Once the tissue has been cleaned out canal is filled with an inert “filling” material. When completed, either a filling or crown is placed, depending on what is needed to reinforce the tooth properly. Yardley Dental Care will assess the situation, and along with you, the patient, make a decision if the root canal tooth needs a crown. A crown might be necessary if the degree of decay present and lack of support left warrants. Any decisions around the root canal will involve you, all courses of action will be discussed.
There are many advantages to saving your natural tooth with root canal treatment. Here are but a few;
The root canal procedure is highly effective and considerably faster than you may have experienced in the past. Most root canal patients find the procedure to be no more uncomfortable than getting a regular filling, and since we have gotten to the “root” of your problem, pain relief after a root canal is quick and significant.

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