Dental Fillings

White Fillings, Composite Fillings, Composite Resin Fillings at Yardley Dental care, Yardley, PA.

Yardley Dental, in Yardley PA, recommends “Fillings” that are composed of composite resin, are the best cosmetic solution for cavities or where aesthetics are important. Composite fillings are placed by our dentist after we have removed the decay. Composite fillings are also used to replace areas on teeth that are affect tooth structure.

The white composite filling is usually just called a “filling,” as the new a material fills the hole or space that remains after removing the decay.

Smile aesthetics are the greatest advantage in using white fillings/composites. The composition allows your dentist to have an exact color match to the tooth itself as well as the rest of your teeth. Our dentist will blend shades and create a perfect color for the cavity repair on the tooth. Yardley PA dental uses the most advanced composites materials to bond to the tooth, allowing for extremely durable and resistant material to support the remaining tooth and its structure. The newly “bonded” tooth is highly resistant to future breakage, and the insulating quality assures that the tooth is protected from excessive temperature changes.
Cavities caught early enough, can be treated in your Yardley Pennsylvania dental office easily and painlessly. The composite white filling should be part of your dental treatment plan, cavities, If not treated early, means decay will eventually lead to tooth pain and infection. Teeth not treated for cavities will result in pain, higher costs of dental treatment resulting in the tooth needing root canal treatment or extraction (being pulled).
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